Today I would like to present you the simple WordPress Plugin – Notification. This plugin adds a simple functionality to your website. Allows you to send custom email alerts and notification from your WordPress website. But there is even more! If you are Developer you can use a simple API to trigger almost every action to send an email alert. It is customizable so that you can disable certain posts or users to trigger the alert.

How it works?

If you are not a Developer and don’t have programming skills, don’t worry. Setting up a new notification is as simple as adding new post or page. After plugin instalation, in your website Dashboard you’ll have a new category called Notifications where you can add new email alert, have a look at all the other notifications that are currently set up and edit them or delete.

When you are a developer you don’t need to worry about complexity of the plugin either. Author took care of you too! At the plugin webiste you can find Developer Tutorials, which helps you to customize the plugin the way you want it to work.

About plugin

Apart from the great and simple functionality that the plugin provides it is not only this, what I liked about it. Notification is an example of the plugin that I like a lot because of the story that is behind it. Author of the plugin was to implement the email alerts of the website he developed for one of his clients. From a simple mailing function, while being coded the idea spread to the plugin that I have a plasure to present. I like the idea of community delivering good quality products and helping each other. That’s one of the reasons I like WordPress so much! I invite you to have a look at the short introduction article (in Polish only) written by plugin’s author.

I would like to introduce you to the official plugin website and to have a look at introduction video of Notification – WordPress Plugin:


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