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The whole idea is simple: I wanted to do something extraordinary that would introduce you to some of my skills and allow me to explore new ways of a design. The design itself is aimed at creating an eye-catching effect, without much focus on UX. However, I decided to use one of the popular grids, so that the project was to be easily implemented in the future. You never know, huh?


I used combination of fons Klavika and Big Noodle Titling.

Since I decided to use nature motive as a main Design principle in opposition I picked combination of fonts that look very modern. I personally like when headings of the webpage are slightly different than the paragraphs: it not only looks good, but is good for user as well. It helps to identify the key parts of the website easily, without reading the content. That’s why I used Big Noodle Titling for the headings and Klavika (for readability) for the paragraphs and other elements.


Colors were chosen by myself and I took inspiration from nature. Main consists of deep blue, which reminds me of ponds in forest near my hometown, while the bright one is the color of sun through mist. Merging them tougether I think I was able to create visually clean representation of connection between nature and technology.

Hex: #022F32

Hex: #E4E2AF

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