I want to share with you this little project I decided to develop. Fitness is a well known sport PSD template that I decided to use for my little project. One can ask, why haven’t I picked one of the designs I created myself? Well the answer is simple – I wanted to try something I have never seen before and refresh my mind while I can focus on developement only.

I took coding Fitness as an opportunity to think through my own RWD system that can be reused in future. It is based on CSS flexbox properties. This way it is supported on all modern browsers and is very simple and undersandable. By doing that I felt freed from any other frameworks that I used before to support myself in RWD implementation. One can think that i reinveted the wheel by dooing so instead of taking the given solutions (frameworks), but I cannot agree. By doing it i managed to lower the size of the page and the time that is needed to load the webiste.

No more talking the page is here:
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