Green Mountain Resort – Condo System Hotels

Homepage and key pages Design

Website for developer of luxurious hotels in polish mountains. The idea was to present the condo hotels as stable investment and provide elegant looks. There are three pages in this project – homepage – presenting the idea and gathering leads; area (lokalizacja) – page about the place where hotels are ment to be built; hotel (opis obiektu) – page describes hotels showing variety of benefits that hotel clients will be able to use. Aim was to create the elegant, reliable impression.

Sadly a lot of my original design was changed in developement process (which I was NOT responsible for), but you can see the website online here:
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I used font named Klavika.

Personally many times when it comes to design and client doesn’t have clear guidelines about typography I start the project by picking font (ofcourse after the preparations such as: competition research, design research, geting o know the enviroment around the project etc.). I think that this is very important decision and can make a good project even better or make it look terrible. What made me choose this font was the leads I got from the client – website should look both elegant and modern, but without too much unecessary ornaments. This (and my own experience and knowledge) has lead me to the Klavika. Modern sans-serif font that is easy to read and looks smooth.


Colors were chosen by client, since the logo that was presented to me was allready using grreen gradients that I decided to replicate in my design and make it key color.

Hex: #ee1d23

Hex: #231f20

Green Mountain Resort Homepage

Green Mountain Resort Homepage

Hotel Description

Green Mountain Resort Hotel Description

About Location

Green Mountain Resort About Location