Bank Pekao S. A. – Polish Unicredit Member

Login Page Redesign Concept

Being tired of my bank’s poor design on login page to their online banking system, I decided to give it a try and redesign it! Here is my idea, how it could be changed to merge good design with usability. My aim was to keep user focused on main puropse logging in while he or she can allways use the side panel for extra info. The most important annoucements are viewed in special panel, which can be closed if allready read but cannot be missed since its placement. Graphics in bakcground inform user which system he or she is loggin in.


I used official Unicredit Group font: Dax.

I thik that it is very important to follow rules in design, one of which I like the most and allways try to look up to is cohesion. It is crucial for me to create designs that are consistent and work well with whole brand identity. It is unacceptable to break the rules of i.e. Brandbook Key Visual Guidelines, such as typography or color. This way user can simply identify webpages as a part of bigger company, even sometimes may be very different from each other in terms of content.


I decided to limit myself to colors of Unicredit Group Red and Black.

Hex: #ee1d23

Hex: #231f20

Private banking

Pekao24 Redesign Concept

Side panel opened for additional info

Pekao24 Redesign Concept

Business login page

Pekao24 Redesign Concept